Weekend Get-Away in Sogndal

With slightly challenging avalanche conditions, we decided to check out Hesten in Leardalen for the first day.

The forecast promised everything; sun, clouds, snowfall and wind. But at least on the way up, things looked spectacular.

Having by accident picked the same weekend as the local mountain-sport festival, we were by no means alone on the mountain.

Luckily, there isn’t exactly a shortage of routes up (or down!) to choose from, so things looked promising.

However, after having snow blown in your face for some time and considering the wind affected snow, we decided not go up on the ridge and instead prepare for heading down.

And boy was it great to open the skiing season with these soft turns!

The occasional less-than-intentional stop didn’t bother much.

The day was just way too good. 🙂

For the following day the forecast promised low clouds and quite a lot of new snow, so we opted for some forrest riding on BlĂĄfjellet.

The other people didn’t bother us too much, as there was again plenty of options to choose from.

However, what proved out to be a bit more challening was picking the line, from above, as we might have gone up a bit too high.

No matter, as the ride down had been softened up beautifully during the hike up.

Just check out the next bit and powder on!

For the third and last day the forecast promised a bit of everything again, so we wanted something that offered decent treeriding in the case of bad visibility. We also wanted a bit more solitude, so we headed for Vigdalen and got indeed to open track.

The visibility came and went, so we opted for skiing the bit with visibility several times. We were even lucky enough to enjoy lunch with a bit of sun.

On the third and last run Anne started to get the hang of things again and couldn’t wait to run down her favourite part again.

Last night’s snow fall was not windtransported and the wind slab from a couple of days ago seemed solid enough, so we got to enjoy great soft turns for the third day in a row.

All in all, it was a great extended weekend get-away! Thank you Sogndal, and thank you Markku, Ilona, Janne, Emilie and Anne for the great company! To be continued…

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