Ski Touring in B&W around Narvik

A friend of my (Janne) posted a beautiful black and white picture on Facebook from Lyngen. I got so inspired that I decided to see what my own pictures from Anne’s and my Eastern holidays would look like. Here is the result. They are all taken from around Narvik, Tromsö and Åre. Oh, and the picture in the title is from the final ridge on Storfjellet, close to Narvik.

On the way up to Storfjellet close to Narvik.

These two Norwegian teams went past us at around 1300m.

The last ascent before reaching the saddle of Storfjellet at around 1550m.

Coming down from Storfjellet. It may not look like it in the picture, but the upper part of the tracks right next to the horizont was pretty steep. Surely the steepest I’ve skied, a short section around 40-45 degrees according to the map.

On the way up to Spanstinden.

Happy pow-pow rider, Anne on the way down from Spanstinden.

Anne checking the way up to “Rema 1000”.

Me, taking a Ski-Selfie. I felt a bit sick, so I stayed behind to enjoy a picnic in the sunshine and take pictures.

I just had to take a million pictures of my new skiis. They make me feel like I’m a good skiier AND in good shape (coz they are liiiiight). Imagine that? 🙂

Even thou I cursed not having my tele-lens, I did get some decent pictures of the lines.

Even if a heat wave had melted most of the snow around Trondheim, we drove east, towards Åre and found this little snowy hill on the Swedish side. Wet snow and lots of wind, but still a fun end to this Easterns ski touring.

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