Chasing Ice in Hemsedal with Juha

After a few repair stops Juha managed to arrive with his van from Spain just in time for my free weekend. We made it to Hemsedal around midnight Friday evening, so we decided to have a short day on Saturday. We drove around, checking out the conditions, but with most exposed ice being way past rotten, we ended up climbing the relatively sun-proof Flagetfossen.

Juha demonstrated his new multi-pitch rappel technique, which avoids detaching the belay device completely. Apparently it is usefull after a numer of rappels with frozen fingers.

On Sunday we headed to Hydalsfossen, which promises good conditions almost around the year. We made the approach in beautiful sunshine, but the forecast promised increasing winds and some snow towards the afternoon.


When we topped out the wind and snow had arrived, so we just took a quick toppout picture and started to ski back.

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