This blog is about climbing, skiing and other outdoor activities – as well as their True spirit. However, it is also about the necessary evils related to them, such as training and various kinds of gear. I am mostly writing as an amateur practitioner, but sometimes also as a professional instructor and guide.

In addition, I am writing about moving from Helsinki, Finland to Oslo, Norway. I am particularly interested in how to successfully balance an interest for intellectual/academic pursuits and the freedom of spending stress-free time in the mountains. After all, I am both a chemist and climber at heart.

Occasionally, I might also sidetrack to comment on a long time interest of my, international politics and other current affairs. But not to worry, I doubt it will happen too often.

Finally, if everything else sounds dreadfully boring, have look at the photo gallery. I try to keep ’em pretty and coming.

Feel free to comment on anything or contact me directly.